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Day Trips, Tours, and Walkabouts

We often get inquiries about people wanting to come and experience Oiseau Bay for a few hours. This page has been developed to answer some common questions.

     Please, we ask that new friends do not drop in on us without
     setting up an appointment in advance. Our cottage guests
     come here for privacy and seclusion, and we respect that.

Do you know where our remote location is and how
to get here? Click here before you head out.

Of course, we love showing like-minded people this special place. There's so much history and beauty here! But our main focus is cottage rental. If you'd like to set up an appointment with us, and if we are available to do so, we would be happy to show you and your group around.

Although we may make it look easy, there is a lot of maintenance, effort, and resources that go into upkeeping the property. Because we'll spend a good part of our workday giving you a tour of the buildings and telling you as many stories about Oiseau Bay as possible, we ask for a $50.00 donation for groups of 4 or less, and a $75.00 donation for groups of 5 or more. If somebody books a future cottage rental that same day as a result of their time with us, then that donation will come off the price of their rental. Thank you for your understanding and consideration. 

If you would be interested in having guide you on an adventure excursion in the area, please contact us.

                   Interested in swinging by? Email us!



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