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How To Find Us

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Boat in, ski in, paddle in, or drive in. Our cottages are located in Sheen County, Que., across the Ottawa River from Deep River, Ontario. We are an 8-mile boat ride from Deep River, Ontario, a ~2.5-hour drive from Ottawa, Ontario, and a ~6.5-hour drive from the near side of Toronto, Ontario.

We recommend 4-wheel drive when coming in to see us, because we are on a "back road" network. However, we are also car/small vehicle accessible in spring, summer, and fall. What does "small vehicle accessible" mean? It means that if small vehicles drive slowly and with caution, they should not have any problems making it in; it does not mean that you can expect the same smooth ride as you would on municipally maintained roads. Click here if you're planning to drive a small vehicle in.

GPS Location 18 T 032130: 5102142

Longitude and Latitude N 46*02' 57.0  W 077*19' 31.2

Driving Directions from Pembroke, Ontario

Use your most trusted online map website (e.g., www.mapquest.com) and get driving directions to Earl Lepine Garage Ltee., 1235 Chapeau Waltham Road, Chapeau, QC (#3 on our map, below). Please print them off along with this page and TAKE THEM WITH YOU! (You will lose smart phone service through some patches).

1. From Old Highway 17 in Pembroke, turn onto Route 148 to cross the Interprovincial Bridge into Quebec. You can pick up a Quebec fishing license at DuBeau's Epicerie on the right-hand side of the highway after crossing the bridge. Say "hi!" to Brian for us! Be sure to fill up, because this might be your last chance. We recommend Dan's Gas Bar next door to DuBeau's. Give Dan a high-five for Cam.

2. Not long after crossing the bridge into Quebec, you will make a left-hand turn onto Pembroke Street towards Ile des Allumettes. DON'T MISS THIS TURN!

3. Drive through Chapeau, Quebec. You will end up at Earl Lepine's Garage Ltee., a gas station (#3 on our map, above). If you haven't filled up yet, this is your last chance. The road will end and you will have to turn either right or left. Turn left towards Chichester and Sheenboro. 

4. Drive another 15 minutes through Sheenboro, Quebec. The highway will turn into a gravel road. The road signs say "60 km/h", be we recommend going slower. At the four-way stop marked by barrels, turn right.

5. Continue down the hill and around the bend; you will come to a large hill marked by a sign saying ZEC/Ste. Patrice. Keep left to go up the "big hill". You are now off of municipally maintained roads and will soon be out of cell range.

This is the time when you should reduce your speed to 10-15 km/hour.

6. Drive 4 kilometers until you reach the "ZEC shack", the point where you'll sign in your vehicle for passing through the Zone Ecologique. From May to October, you will need to get out of your vehicle, sign in, and pay $7.00 per vehicle to pass. Say "hello" to Jacques or Diane for us--they work hard!

7. After the ZEC shack, you will drive 5 kilometer farther. At Kilometer 9, turn left at the Oiseau Bay sign in a birch tree. DON'T MISS THIS TURN!

8. Drive 6 kilometers farther; you will then come upon our LOCKED GATE. You'll be entering cell range again. We will give you instructions about how to pass before your visit. Please, when you open the gate, hang walk it open slowly so that it doesn't swing off its hinges. The cottages are another 2 kilometers after the gate. Welcome to Oiseau Bay!


Small vehicle tips:
We are located on a "back road" network. This is one level of maintenance below "municipal dirt road."

Small vehicles drive in here frequently in summer and fall. As long as the drivers are cautious and alert, they have no problems. The main thing to keep in mind is the clearance under your vehicle. Please follow these guidelines, which are helpful when driving on any back road.

1. Go slowly. The final 15 km of the journey is on unpaved roads. Please go slowly. That means 10-15 km/hour. You might be anxious to get here, but please keep your speed low. Your car will thank you!

2. Watch your clearance. Keep an eye out for rocks and ruts. If there is an unavoidable high spot (a rock, mound, etc.), put a tire on it. That way, you won't scrape the undercarriage of your car.

3. Think about your path. Be intelligent and drive the course with the smoothest lines.

4. Be cautious when cresting a hill. Take spots of lower visibility with extra caution.

5. Try to arrive before nightfall. This will make your drive a whole lot easier.









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